Medium neck 3 holes

  • References : RB107, RBC107CR, RBF107CR, RBO107CR

Bidet tap mid level neck 3 holes

Brass The retro style Bleu Provence taps for bidets are made in brass of the highest quality. Large choice of metal finishing: chrome, nickel, brushed nickel, brass, gold (light, dark, pink, brushed), bronze (light, dark).... Numerous handles styles (single, scroll, cross, knob...) and finishes (ceramic, metal, wood, cracked, crystal, marble).

Many metal finishes available (see button “Finishes available”). All Taps can have up to a dozen handles (see button “Various handles”). The Anis, Vintage and Porcelaine handles can have various additional finishings: black or white, marble, crystal, colored porcelaine…Please refer to the button “Anis & Porcelaine handles” to see the available options.